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Audit Work Plan Fiscal Year 2013

November 28, 2012

We designed the reviews described in the Audit Work Plan to address those areas that are most vulnerable to fraud, waste, and abuse.  Since 1997, we have provided our perspective on the top challenges facing Agency management to the Congress, Social Security Administration, and other key decision makers.  For Fiscal Year 2013, the Office of the Inspector General has identified the following management challenges.

  • Reduce Improper Payments and Increase Overpayment Recoveries
  • Improve Customer Service
  • Strengthen the Integrity and Protection of the Social Security Number
  • Reduce the Hearings Backlog and Prevent its Recurrence
  • Improve the Timeliness and Quality of the Disability Process
  • Invest in Information Technology Infrastructure to Support Current and Future Workloads
  • Improve Transparency and Accountability
  • Strengthen Strategic and Tactical Planning

The Plan describes reviews we plan to begin in Fiscal Year 2013.  In developing these reviews, we worked with Agency management to ensure we provide a coordinated effort.

Our Plan is dynamic.  Congressional interest and Agency requests may require that we begin reviews not listed in the Plan.  Although we have not included these reviews in our Plan, we will still need the Agency’s full cooperation in ensuring all requested information is provided timely.  We also encourage continuous feedback and additional study suggestions.  This flexibility enables us to meet emerging and critical issues evolving in the upcoming year.

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